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We are entering a new stage in the fight against Covid-19. Vaccine administration combined with a second-wave of infections is increasing the administrative burden and workloads on state and local DPH employees. 

Public Health organizations need modern business process management tools that streamline workflows and automate key tasks restraining efforts to combat the pandemic.  And with a range of existing tools already in use, organizations need flexible applications compatible with existing systems already in place. 

SSG’s Pandemic Response System (PRS) 

As a result of this growing issue, SSG has introduced the Pandemic Response System (PRS) – the first suite of purpose-built applications designed to address today’s growing crisis in the back-office of public health organizations. PRS applications automate key back-office tasks across the spectrum of infection control activities, thus streamlining administrative workloads and creating more capacity for treating patients and protecting communities.   PRS is a flexible suite of applications and can be deployed collectively or individually as separate applications depending upon the area of greatest need.

Fighting Workloads – As Well As the Virus

Six essential modules for more effective management of pandemics in your community

Accelerate and streamline the handling, administration and communication of COVID-19 lab test results.

Streamline the on-boarding times into digital ecosystems like IIS or EDSS by up to 70%.

Tracking and data collection application specifically designed for quarantine management.

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Introducing the SSG Pandemic Response System (PRS) & Applications Suite

Accurately capture exposure and infection data through this easy-to-use mobile application.

Increase the quality of exposure site investigation activities and follow-ups.

Manage entire vaccine and immunization process end-to-end with the in-production, purpose-built, fit-to-task IIS program management platform.











Vaccine &



An end-to-end business process platform designed to streamline the administration and delivery of infection control efforts. Deployable individually or in an any combination to address your highest priority workflow needs in a way that integrates with your existing systems 

Key Features :

  • Easy to deploy
  • HIPAA compliant
  • FHIR/HL7 compliant
  • Customizable/configurable
  • Available as a suite or separate applications
  • Automates workflow to address increased demand

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